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The Goon – Trailer

My heads- up for the week

I truly hope they finish this up soon. I’m so amped to see it.

The movie is based on the comic- Goon, by Eric Powell.

Goon Website

Goon google image search

Goon movie site


‘The Goon is a muscle bound strongarm who works for the mobster Labrazio. He, and his friend cum-sidekick Franky, often get mixed up in other problems; they usually face off (heh) against the Nameless Zombie Priest and his numerous evil zombie gangs! The series is definitely super-natural, what with ghosts, ghouls, and pie. It’s set in a fictional world, as opposed to ours (it’s similar to Hellboy in that sense).’


Simon Sinek: If You Don’t Understand People, You Don’t Understand Business.

My heads- up for the week

“What are you doing to help the person next to you?”  Simon Sinek

If there is one video you take the time to watch this week, please remember this one.

I’m dead sure that this type of thinking in business is a direct result of the internet becoming more available. I am young enough to have avoided what so many people refer to as ‘old business’ but certainly have memories of it, all from a kids perspective. What I remember was a whole bunch of hard people that didn’t listen. And stale cigarette smoke.

My heads- up for the week: Live in a city, sleep in a house


I find the above video extremely appealing.

A need to be in unfamiliar areas makes such a difference. What if a town café was your kitchen and the pub was your living room? Would you be cool with that? It would certainly kill the need for T.V. To me, having to deal with less is vital.

I’m all about the detail- Get more out of less. I want to be able to reflect after a solid day, not clean up. In a world where ‘pace is the trick’, being able to pay less attention to less important tasks seems to be a blessing. Less to maintain properly. This video summarizes it perfectly, for myself. Maybe it’s because I’m still young and don’t have a family to raise.

Affordable, online storage makes living light a more freezable task. For example, it becomes a real problem having a hard drive full of torrented music, when Grooveshark offers a much wider catalogue for free. Plus, its legal.

Just a thought.